Why is Posture Important?

All of us can remember as children being admonished by our parents and seemingly everyone in authority to stand up straight and stop slouching. At the time, it undoubtedly seemed like just plain nagging, but there was actually some sound and helpful advice included in those admonitions. The majority of adults today have relatively poor posture and are not even aware of it. Most of that comes from bad work habits and hunching over our cell phones for hours at a time. It really is to your advantage to maintain good posture, and you’ll find out why below.

Man demonstrating good and poor posture
Man demonstrating good and poor posture

What Constitutes Good Posture?

So how do you know whether you have good posture or not? There are a few ways to check whether your posture is good and your spine is properly aligned. Here is one way you can conduct a self-examination. Place your earlobe directly over the middle of your shoulder, aligning your hip joint with your earlobe. If your earlobe is not situated directly above your hip joint and shoulder, you probably have a forward-leaning head posture–which means you are routinely slouching.

Here’s another test you can perform simply. Stand up straight so that your buttocks are touching the wall, and so are your head and shoulder blades.The heels of your feet should be somewhere between two and four inches away from the wall. Now put a flat hand behind the center area of your back. If your posture is decent, you should be able to just barely slide your hand between the wall and your lower back. This will constitute the appropriate lower back curvature, and if you have lots more space than that, you probably have excessive curvature.

Why Posture is Important

Both scientists and medical personnel can tell us why posture is significant. Good posture is much better for your spinal health and improves your general state of well-being. When you have good posture, your body weight will be well-balanced. That is important for accomplishing both small and large tasks in your daily life. Simple things like turning around, climbing up and downstairs, and just ordinary walking about are all made easier when you have good posture. In addition, you will usually be able to avoid back pain or discomfort, you will have better breathing, and you’ll probably even have more energy when your posture is optimal.

What you can do to improve your posture

You can begin working toward a state of better posture at any time, and now is the best time to start. Some of the best things you can do to achieve better posture include the following:

  • try some yoga stretches
  • sleep with a thick pillow so that your head remains in a neutral position
  • while standing in a line anywhere, stand up straight and be aware of your posture
  • when watching television for long periods, put a pillow behind your back or under your knees for more support
  • get a professional posture screening
  • schedule routine chiropractic care and adjustments
  • follow the recommendations of your chiropractor.

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